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FKFX Obvious Filter 15 v1.9.6 for MacOS

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FKFX Obvious Filter 15 v1.9.6 for MacOS
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OBVIOUS FILTER Ready to evolve? Obvious Filter unlocks new creative dimensions for your tracks. With its advanced LFO morphings, unparalleled response quality, and depth filters, Obvious Filter enables you to create sounds that are truly unique and set you apart from the rest. Obvious Filter’s Modulation Matrix gives you total control over your sound, with 39 rare oscillators including emulations of some legendary synths, and a variety of advanced features like Polyrhythmic Rates, Drawing Pencils, Square & Line, and Multiple functions in Morph Editor, you can shape your audio exactly as you want.

Experience freedom in designing your filter sequence and creating unique patterns with Obvious Filter. Create new progressions from your sound, discover new tastes and let Obvious Filter adapt to your workflow.

Bring your tracks to life with Morphing, which is no longer just a word but a reality. Create any rhythmical and sonic variations, unlocks and multiplies patterns, with your imagination as the only limit.

Make things happen with Obvious Filter, catch extra vibrations, electric tensions or any supernatural. Always stay a few tweak away from new sound singularities.

Pick any filter circuits, insert your source, and hear the difference. Obvious Filter offers upper-high quality filters, reproducing moog real electronic circuits, combining solidity and stability.

Expand, repeat, shrink, bend. The full-screen curve editor is specially designed for precision and ease of use. All complex editing operations on the signal become smooth.

All rates are available, all acceleration are authorized. Always locked on beat, with internal and adaptive read-ahead which will preserve your transients and keep precise timing dynamics.

  • 10 Resonant Filters by Laurent De Soras.
  • Morph Sequencer.
  • Editor Point Mode.
  • 192 Original Presets & Pack.
  • Modulation Matrix.
  • 33 Routing Circuits for Modulation.
  • 39 Rare Oscillators (including emulations of some legendary synths) :
  • Slide Up / Slide Down / Slide Inertia.
  • 3 Morphing Modes (Immediate / Morph / Linear).
  • Preset Manager.
  • Interactive Help.
  • Polyrhythmic Rates.
  • Morph Manager.
  • Drawing Pencils, Square & Line.
  • Multiple functions in Morph Editor.
  • Normalize.
  • Double & Mirror.
  • Choppers.
  • 4 Randomize modes.
  • Rate Control for each Morph.
  • Sliding control : Slide up, Slide Down and a slide inertia
  • 64 extra Presets
  • Min / Max Frequency
  • LP4 / LP2 / BP4 / BP2 / HP4 / HP2 / N4 / N2 / N2X / PEAK + ENV.
  • Morph Editor.
  • Editor Select Modes.
  • Ultra Responsive OpenGL GUI.
  • MIDI Controlled Note for modulation.
  • Control for Pitch & Env Modulation Oscillator.
  • 3 Sine, 3 Triangles, 9 FMs, 3 Logs, 3 Ellipses, 7 Saws, 7 Squares, 4 Pulses.
  • Morphing Load Manager.
  • Favorites Manager with Auto Ordering.
  • Random & Locked Preset Load.
  • Precise & Selectable I/O Vu-Meters.
  • Preference Panel.
  • Powerful Snap Modes.
  • Easy Morph Points Editor.
  • Smooth.
  • Flip Vertical & Horizontal.
  • Roll Points Left & Right.
  • Copy/Paste between GUIs.
  • Capture Edit.
  • Sync Mode – extra sync to host behaviour
  • Lock Snapshot : lock your audio, load any preset and snapshot the best shape to create a new morph !
  • New GUI

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