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Waves Complete 14 v17.01.23 for Windows

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Waves Complete 14 v17.01.23 for Windows
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Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

 What's New In V14
  • New: Mix and Trim knobs added to our most popular compressors
  • Get better dynamic control, fast, in API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp & SSL G-Master Buss Compressor
  • New: Faster load times
  • Improved loading times for plugins, presets, and sessions in your DAW
  • New: Quick drag-and-drop preset workflow
  • Load presets faster with the new drag-and-drop workflow
  • New: HiDPI graphics for select plugins
  • Abbey Road TG Mastering, API Collection, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, F6, OVox and PuigTec EQs now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs
  • New: Standalone application for the CR8 Creative Sampler
  • Shape, manipulate and play your samples without a DAW
  • New: Additional improvements
  • New presets, improvements & additional updates. See full list of updates.

 Speed Up Your Workflow With New Mix And Trim Knobs
Fine tune your dynamics faster than ever, with brand new Trim and Mix knobs for the API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp and SSL G-Master compressors. Now you can stay creative, quickly balancing volume and creating parallel compression in seconds directly from your plugin.

January 17, 2023
  • New Update: eMotion LV1 Live Mixer (64, 32, and 16 channels) v14.9.80.170 is now available, with the following new features, updates, and fixesNew: eMotion LV1 now supports multi-server DSP: Add up to 4 Waves SoundGrid servers and 4 more redundant servers to your LV1 system, for practically unlimited plugin processing power.
  • New: eMotion LV1 now supports up to two Waves FIT controllers, for up to 32+2 faders and encoders, used in tandem on the same mix layer, or independently on different mix layers.
  • New: Tactile control of plugins using the Waves FIT hardware controller, with auto-mapped plugin parameters.
  • New: High-visibility design for the mixer’s patch bay.New: 8 additional user-keys, for a total of 16.New: Delay Groups are now part of Scope/RecallSafe.
  • New: Added Clear/Retain Device patches option when removing device.
  • New: Added Rack on/off switch in Channel window.
  • New: Added Rack latency indication in Channel window.
  • New: Added Server Select menu in Channel window.New: “Copy from Custom Layer” option added in Custom layer.
  • New: Added servers patch filter in Internal Patch tab, for assigning multiple servers.
  • New: Added Menu item in Channel menu for setting the processing server.
  • New: Added Windows and Tempo filters to Scope/Recall Safe.Improved: “Mixer All” now displays channel names.
  • Fixed: in the setup screen, BPM can now be entered in text form.
  • Fixed: Cueing channels no longer mutes LR when the entire mixer is aligned.
  • Fixed: The channel output trim parameter is now mapped to the FIT controller’s Touch and Turn encoder.Improved: FIT controller encoders resolution optimized for better parameter control.
  • Fixed: Session notes now save correctly, even past 127 characters.
  • Fixed: New session will not reset phantom power and IO gain settings.
  • Fixed: Plugin “user set default” preset can now be used in all plugins.

New update for the MyFOH, MyMon and mRecall mobile apps:
  • Various bug fixes for all apps.
  • MyMon App: Improved GUI layout.New in
  • New: eMo Q4 now has band type control.
  • New: Added control over Aux-Q when flipped.
  • New: Added channel colors as set in eMotion LV1.
  • New Update: SoundGrid Studio v14.9.0.566 is now available, with no new updates (version number alignment only).
  • New Update: SoundGrid Driver v14.9.56.146 is now available, with no new updates (version number alignment only).
  • New Update: Allen & Heath M-Waves V3 card: Firmware update v14.12.33.324 (v1.17.37) now available.Fixed: Bug causing audible audio artifacts

January 1, 2023
  • Waves Central v13.5.3 is now available with the following updates:
  • ‘My License Cloud’ indication changed to ‘Not Activated.’
  • License activation on exFAT-formatted USB drives is now possible on macOS 13 (Ventura).
  • Improved speed and reliability of installing sample libraries.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

New Update: Licenses on exFAT-formatted USB drives can now be used on macOS 13 (Ventura).

File Size: 11.1 GB
RAR Password: softwarestalker.com/s__www
  • How to Download

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  1. Oifrenchfry
    20 January 2023 23:30
    + 0 -
    Does this fix the missing samples for the electric88-200 and etc, Or is this just me.
    1. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
      21 January 2023 01:04
      + 0 -
      How do you license the plugins? I've downloaded all of the one I've wanted but they don't show up under "My Products" only under "All Products". I really don't understand and need help. Thank you!
  2. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
    21 January 2023 01:06
    + -1 -
    How do you license the plugins? I've downloaded all of the one I've wanted but they don't show up under "My Products" only under "All Products". I really don't understand and need help. Thank you!
    1. billeba1963
      21 January 2023 01:53
      + 0 -
      Go to the Waves offline installer folder and install the plugins you want.When all is installed, go to the folder where the patch is. Apply the patch. You can also run the other patch that removes the internal server. You should first have an account and be logged in before.
      1. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
        21 January 2023 04:51
        + -2 -
        That's what I'm saying I already have an account and everything and i followed that step but they all show up as not being authorized and not in "My Products"
  3. Jay Vox
    21 January 2023 05:32
    + -2 -
    Try it again
  4. TempUser11
    21 January 2023 05:54
    + +9 -
    This worked for a friend who was having issues with it allday. FOLLOW EACH REMOVAL FUCKING STEP. They are semi old directions, but clearing your system of all previous wave shit. Get back to making fire hits bros. Peace!

    If this is your first Waves install, skip this step.
    Run included "Kill_Waves_Background_Process.cmd".
    Confirm that there are no COSMOS.exe, WavesLocalServer.exe, WavesPluginServer.exe are running.
    Uninstall previous release.
    Uninstall Waves Central.

    Clean Paths:
    Your VST2, VST3, AAX plugins dir
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\
    %PROGRAMFILES%\Waves Central\
    %PROGRAMDATA%\Waves Audio\
    %APPDATA%\Waves Audio\
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Waves Audio\
    %PUBLIC%\Waves Audio\
    => If you think you are not experienced, search "WaveShell*" in your C drive, then delete all.
    => We always see people having problem with old shells which should be uninstalled before.

    Clean Registry:

    Install Runtimes
    If you use SoundGrid, install/update SoundGrid drivers.
    Google "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable", download from Microsoft and install/update :
    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 x86 and x64
    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x64
    Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 x64
    Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime (used by CR8 Sampler)


    Install Waves
    0. Install and Update Waves Central and Uninstall previous versions and run Fix Permissions from Waves Central Settings. (Backup Presets and other data if needed)
    1. Go to 1- Installer folder and Install Waves Central and Run
    2. Select Offline Installer and Click Install from an Offline Installer
    3. Browse the Waves folder you downloaded (Inside : 1 - Installer)
    4. Select the plugins you like and Install!
    5. Extract patch from patch folder and Run V.R Patch (check readme)
    6. Reboot and Enjoy

    Credits to Team V.R patch

    1. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
      22 January 2023 07:35
      + -2 -
      This literally didn't make a difference the plugins I installed still do not show up under "My Plugins".
  5. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
    22 January 2023 07:38
    + -1 -
    Can someone please show me how to actually install and activate these plugins because ill sit there and install them but they never actually download to "My Plugins"?!

    1. billeba1963
      22 January 2023 08:51
      + +1 -
      Look at All Products and see if the plugins are installed. There should be a green check mark. If you have done the patch, they will be activated. However, you will not see them in My Products. But they are activated. Check that by opening your DAW and opening a plugin.

      Try also to install Studio Rack. Sometimes some plugins only appear when installing Studio Rack. Like BB Tubes .
      1. Mr.Cantpronouncehisname
        22 January 2023 09:02
        + -3 -
        Ahhh ok lol... only issue is after i run the patch and restart they still don't they still don't activate...is that normal? Also when I go to fl studio to to locate plugins none of them show up... 
        1. TempUser11
          22 January 2023 09:38
          + 0 -
          friend told me they WONT appear activated in waves central, but they will still work in the DAW. look for waveshell 14.0 in your daws plugins. When selecting waveshell, a dropdown menu appears allowing you to select the vst u want from waves. If you opened waveshell and one knob opens up, you need to redo all the steps. You might have missed some remnants if it didn't work. My budy was having the same issues as u are all describing. MAKE SURE WAVES SERVER IS NOT RUNNING WHEN INSTALLING PLUGINS FROM THE OFFLINE SECTION OF WAVES CENTRAL. THEN RUN TH EPATCH AFTER U FINISH INSTALLING WHAT U NEED. im not yellin,  just trying to make the most important parts easy to see.
        2. billeba1963
          22 January 2023 11:42
          + 0 -
          If you have an earlier version of Waves, it is best to uninstall it first. Remove folders and files such as waveshell, WPAPI, Waves audio and plugins. Check the list of Tempuser 11. Let Waves Centrall uninstall the plugins and then manually remove the rest. You can then install Waves Central and then use the offline installer to install the plugins you need. Another version has also been released that does not require an account and login.
  6. Daniyoung
    24 January 2023 06:37
    + -1 -
    Can we plssss🙏🙏🙏🙏 get the uad bundle 🥺 thanks
  7. Pereira Vieira
    24 January 2023 07:51
    + -1 -
    show de bolaaaa vlwwwwww

  8. pesopeso
    24 January 2023 15:02
    + -2 -

    Also... can't install
    When will it be smart?
    the previous version is deleted
    Somebody please help me...
    1. billeba1963
      25 January 2023 09:52
      + 0 -
      Search for another version of Waves complete. It has an emulator and you don't need an account. It has six iso files and a setup file. It will do all the work and every plugin of Waves will be installed. 
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