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Best Service The Orchestra Complete 3 KONTAKT Library

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Best Service The Orchestra Complete 3 KONTAKT Library
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THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 is the brand-new version of our flagship "The Orchestra" product family, combining the powerful orchestration features that have made THE ORCHESTRA renowned in the world of composition with new articulations and the most powerful new features ever. It has never been easier to compose more individually, more freely and faster.

Containing all three THE ORCHESTRA expansions, this third release is brimming with exciting possibility and power. Included are HORNS OF HELL, with its diabolic “evil brass” section, STRINGS OF WINTER, with a 41-piece string orchestra that captures the untamed spirit of nature, and WOODS OF THE WILD which re-invigorates the woodwinds to capture all that is evocative in their breath.

On top of these expansions comes the all-in-one package of the base orchestra, a top-quality-recorded 80-piece orchestra with a massive array of articulations and a groundbreaking ensemble engine that has been rebuilt and expanded upon. Never has it been easier to convert your ideas into music.

 The Orchestra Complete 3 extends our entry-level instrument "The Orchestra" with more instruments, more presets and extended powerful features. Now including:
  • Woods Of The Wild - Complete and extended woodwind section with impressive articulations like triple tongues and rips and trills. Also included are mallets, other wooden drums, and percussion.
  • Horns Of Hell - More than 65 expressive brass articulations and 120 incredible and powerful presets, including a full Organ library.
  • Strings Of Winter - 60 string articulations, two new ethnic string sections and all additional content from Strings Of Winter.
  • Sequence Designer - In addition to the default options, you can create your own unique musical patterns. You have the option to change each of these sequences separately, which gives you the ability to make more intricate compositions.
  • Pure Performance Legato - We are pleased to present a powerful legato engine that has undergone a complete redesign. Because the engine can differentiate between the two articulations without the use of keyswitches, you can play both fast true legato and staccato runs without any hassles.
  • Main Page: Voicing Selection - Assign which instrument plays which note of the chord to allow for more realistic ensemble sounds. Or choose from over 90 pre-arranged Voicings. The Ensemble Engine is just like having a real-life orchestrator working for you.
  • Additional presets and multi-instruments - Discover how the Voicings (208 presets), Rhythms (239 presets), and Animated Orchestra settings (223 presets) work with the 5-part arranging engine by exploring the presets to get the most out of "The Orchestra Complete 3". Updated Voicings that use and bring together the expanded libraries in innovative and expressive ways are also included in "The Orchestra Complete 3".
  • MIDI Export - "The Orchestra Complete 3" comes with MIDI-Export. Patterns and arrangements generated by the engine can be exported onto separate MIDI Tracks, opening endless possibilities.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 22.8 GB
RAR Password: softwarestalker.com/s__www
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  1. Bikram thoudam
    14 December 2022 19:14
    + +8 -
    Many many thanks
  2. The Duke
    15 December 2022 18:37
    + +2 -
    Quote: throwthebrick
    Downloaded and opened the .nkm in Kontakt, the UI was all messed up and I wasn't getting any sound from any of the instruments. Perhaps I am missing some kind of installation process but it simply didn't work for me at all.

    You need to download all 4 parts then unzip to same folder. Then open Kontact, scan for new library, the reopen Kontact. Only works with the crack of Kontact.
  3. Menace97
    16 December 2022 09:33
    + -2 -
    Hi Any chance of getting the producer sources log drum
  4. zepevalo
    17 December 2022 10:16
    + -1 -
    The file on GDrive has been taken down. Could you please re-upload it to GDrive?
  5. BCE111
    23 December 2022 19:22
    + 0 -
    Finally got these to work and they're great. I added the libraries through Kontakt 5.6. This was for my M1 Mac Mini. Thanks! 

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!
  6. highenergyimpulsenoise
    31 December 2022 16:36
    + 0 -
    I've downloaded and extracted all the files into one folder but I don't know how to get it on Kontakt. Kontakt says I need to set libraries up in Native Access. 
  7. BCE111
    31 December 2022 16:53
    + -1 -
    Quote: highenergyimpulsenoise
    I've downloaded and extracted all the files into one folder but I don't know how to get it on Kontakt. Kontakt says I need to set libraries up in Native Access. 
    The only way to get around using Native Access to add libraries is to do it as I mentioned above through Kontakt 5 or 5.6 which has an add library button. When you do that the libraries show up in Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 7. I acquired Kontakt 5.6 through another library I purchased somewhere else. You can look for it. 
    1. highenergyimpulsenoise
      31 December 2022 16:58
      + -1 -
      Just had to manually download the add library button from the kontakt setup :) all seems to be working now thank you
  8. BCE111
    31 December 2022 17:01
    + 0 -
    Quote: highenergyimpulsenoise
    Just had to manually download the add library button from the kontakt setup :) all seems to be working now thank you
    You're welcome. Glad it's working. 
  9. alvaroruiz14
    2 January 2023 04:45
    + +4 -
    Download and works but it is in demo mode.
    It is any way to solve it?  
    1. master-virus
      12 January 2023 22:14
      + 0 -
      You need a cracked version of kon to work it
  10. aminomo
    16 January 2023 03:32
    + 0 -
    Hi, Why on loaded Instrument Gui see " Orchestra 2"?
    Is that really version 3?
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